• Quality Education
    Al-Qasim Green University Policy in a Good Education click here

    Programed by College of Biotechnology
  • Providing good education environment to guarantee that students acquire special science and skills.
  • Promoting a culture of peace and renounce violence moreover appreciating cultural diversity and contributing of culture to obtain sustainable development.
  • Making voluntary campaigns to visit elderly homes.
  • Holding programs about information technology that contribute in developing the outcomes of the educational process.
  • Achieving workshops about human rights in the International Human Rights day.
  • Curriculum Development in order to chime with development in the labor market.

Activity: Scientific symposium
Type of activity: scientific symposium

Description of the activity: In implementation of the goals of sustainable development, the fourth goal (quality education), and in pursuit of providing scientific services, Al-Qasim Green University - College of Science, held a scientific symposium entitled "The components of the living cell and their role in metabolic activities."
The beneficiary of the activity: students.

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